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"The snow butterflies of the mountains"


     Linnaeus named the Papilionidae butterflies the Knights.  The Knights he divided into two parts, in Latin:  Equites Troes and Equites Achivi (Trojan Knights and Greek Knights). This division no longer is actual but the Papilionidae name as well as Knights are still accepted for this order of Rhopalocera
(day flying) butterflies.

     Parnassius butterflies belong to a family within the Papilionidae. 

     Two species of the Parnassius butterfly family were named by Linnaeus in Systema Naturae, 1758, namely  Parnassius apollo and Parnassius mnemosyne. The first of these he encountered on the island of Gotland, Sweden, in 1741 and the second, Parnassius mnemosyne was later described from Finland.

     Linnaeus did not include apollo and mnemosyne in the order of Greek or Trojan Knights: in this he was mistaken. Later the Parnassius species were found to be an order of the Knights.

     The  IUCN Red Data Book (1985) lists  in total 573 species of Papilionidae.

     The Parnassius family included in 1985  53 species, but some still have a doubtful species status and new species have also been discovered, mostly in mountainous areas of Central Asia. The latest species of Parnassius to be described was discovered in Kirghizia in 2005. 


    I would like to display my work mainly in two parts.  One will show the extension of distribution of the species Parnassius apollo into most of Scandinavia, and the second will provide information about all Parnassius species found

   A number of entomologists and naturalists will be presented, starting with Linnaeus himself and his disciples.  Also development and change of Entomology and Natural Science from Aristotle until our days will be discussed. Unfortunately some pages are available in Swedish only. 


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 Isla Margarita february 2006 

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